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 Supplier from Delhi, we offer Differential Pressure such as Digital Differential Pressure Gauge, Digital Differential Pressure Controller, Differential Pressure Transmitter, Differential Pressure Gauge, Scalable Differential Pressure Transmitter, Intrinsically Safe Differential Pressure Transmitter and many more items.

  • GI Magnehelic Gauge Box
  • Magnehelic Gauge SS Box
  • Industrial Magnehelic Gauges
  • Magnetic Gauge
  • Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge
  • AEROSENSE  Differential Pressure Gauge

  • Magnehelic Gauge with S.S. Enclosure
  • AEROSENSE Make Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge
  • Digital Differential Pressure Gauges
  • Front Mount Differential Pressure Gauge
  • AEROSENSE Digital Differential Pressure Gauge
  • MS Flesh Type Magnehelic Gauge
  • Low Cost AEROSENSE Differential Pressure Gauge
  • Low Pressure Differential Gauge
  • Very Low Differential Pressure Gauge
  • Photohelic Switch / Gauges
  • Magnehelic Gauge Sensor
  • Differential Pressure Switch
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter
  • Mounting Box for Magnehelic Gauges

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 Aerosense Differential Pressure Gauge
Backed by years of experience of this domain, we present clients with the premium quality of Aerosense Differential Pressure Gage. Used for measurement of differential pressure, the pressure gauge is manufactured by using latest technology. In order to ensure high standards of quality, the Aerosense differential pressure gauge is procured from trusted vendors.

  • Excellent measurement accuracy
  • Easy to use
  •  Requires less maintenance

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Aerosense Differential Pressure Cum FlowTransmitter
Aerosense Differential Pressure cum Flow Transmitter is technically engineered type of flow transmitter that is especially used in
HVAC/R industry to control the flow, velocity and static of air pressure. Apart from measuring the flow of air control, this type of transmitter is used in the other major applications such as VAV domain and air flow monitoring across centrifugal fans & blowers. It supports low power consumption as well as enabled with the zero point calibration system.
VAV applications
Minimum resistance
Piezo resistive

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AEROSENSE DP Gauge – Analog
AEROSENSE DP Gauges are extensively used for measuring the differential pressure in pharma clean rooms, HVAC applications, pharmaceutical machinery,Pass Box,etc.
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Aerosense Differential Pressure Indicator
Aerosense Differential Pressure Indicator is demanded for its impeccable qualities and features. It is extensively demanded in the applications areas where HVAC systems are installed to resolve the problem of humidity & temperature control. It is suitable for energy optimization and therefore widely used for the measurement of HVAC duct pressure. Along with the prcised operations it has integrated high speed differential pressure sensor that provide accurate results in a significant manner.
Integrated red LED seven segment display
Differential pressure sensor
Stainless steel at the back

aersencon SWICH

Aerosense Differential Pressure Switch
the series of pressure switches Aerosense Differential Pressure Switch is the most updated one.Generally, they are applied in the fan, blower and filter monitoring as well as to measure the pressure and flow of gases & liquids in different industries. Enabled with the effective mechanism these switches have high-tech features & specifications such as selectable switching point adjustment and measurement unit facility in PA.Several additional accessories are also provided for the ease of users that primarily include metallic duct connectors,plastic dust connectors, and fixing screws.
Pressure and flow monitoring
Two fixing screws
Metallic duct connectors

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Aerosense Air Velocity Transmitter

Excellent in quality & performance Aerosense Air Velocity Transmitter is mainly constructed to use in the sphere of HVAC/R systems. This is the latest series available in the market for air velocity transmitter which is capable to measure air velocity & temperature in a prominent manner. Enabled with the superlative applications this model of AVTs is designed with a duct mount probe and adjustable collar which is suitable for round or rectangular duct. Additionally, its dimensions are suitable hence it is easy to adjust in the large as well as small space.

  • Adjustable immersion length with flange
  • Standard air velocity transmitter
  • LCD Backlight display


Aerosense Differential Pressure Controller

It is recommended that industrialists dealing in the domain of pressure control & temperature drift should make the selection of the all new range of Aerosense Differential Pressure Controller. The device is a type of differential pressure indicator that comes with advanced & standard accessory items. It is also enabled with the zero point adjustment facility and high point adjustment (span) that is provided to deliver the excellent results as per the desired levels of quality in HVAC, fan & blower industries.

  • Better accuracy
  • Highest pressure range
  • Protection standard conformance